One day I was eating chicken teriyaki at a local Phoenix Hawaiian B.B.Q. joint.  Naturally, I poured sriracha all over the chicken.

Where could I get these flavors to put on more food? 

After not seeing anything, I immediately got in the kitchen and started creating TERIACHA®.

I spent the next year perfecting my recipe and learning the ins and outs of the specialty food industry,.

September of 2016, I officially launched TERIACHA® at the Annual Sriracha Festival in Downtown Phoenix.

Fast forward to today, and you can now find Teriacha sauce at a variety of Phoenix Grocers including Lee Lee’s Asian Market, and Von Hanson’s Meats and Spirits, on Amazon and on Teriacha.com!

If you are reading this and would like to connect around ways to carry or partner with TERIACHA® please send me an email at chad@teriacha.com

Thank you for your interest, I am excited for you to experience the bold flavor of TERIACHA®

The Sauce

  • I do not like when my food is TOO spicy…will I like this?

    Teriacha is so tasty because it is sweet in the beginning and spicy at the end.

    After conducting taste tests with over 1,000 people, we have had amazing feedback from people who initially said they do not like when their food is too spicy.

    We like to think we found the perfect balance for a sauce.  But you tell us what you think via email or our Facebook page.

  • Is it gluten-free?

    YES! It is also certified by the Celiac Support Association.

  • Where can I see the nutrition label?
  • What is the shelf life for a bottle of Teriacha?

    2 years!

  • What is Teriacha?

    Teriacha is a brand new sauce inspired by two popular sauces: sriracha and teriyaki.