TERIACHA® Original (sweet+spicy)

TERIACHA® Original (sweet+spicy)


TERIACHA® – Original (sweet+spicy) is a unique sauce based on two classic favorites – Teriyaki and Sriracha.

  • Goes on Any Food: Wings, Tacos, Noodles, Sushi, Burgers, Pizza, Eggs, Salad, Seafood, Blood Mary, and more!
  • Use it in Any Way: Stir Fry, Dip, Dressing, Glaze, Marinade, Topping, Pizza Base.
  • All-Natural Ingredients: All ingredients used in TERIACHA® sauces are 100% natural for flavors only mother nature could provide.
  • Gluten Free and Fat Free: TERIACHA® sauce is gluten free and fat free, making it perfect for friends and family members with dietary concerns.
  • Try our other Flavors: Try our complete line of TERIACHA® sauces to find the flavor that works for you, including Chipotle(smoked peppers) and Southwest (lime+cumin).

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