Teriacha™ – Chipotle

Teriacha™ – Chipotle


The Chipotle flavor is a variant on the original recipe for Teriacha™.

In addition to the tastes of sweet teriyaki and spicy sriracha, you will find a strong kick of chipotle at the end to give the sauce a smokey flavor.


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  • A Mexican Twist on Sweet and Spicy: Teriacha Chipotle Sauce is a unique take on two classic favorites – Sriracha and Teriyaki, with a hint of hot chipotle peppers.
  • All-Natural Ingredients: All ingredients used in Teriacha sauces are 100% natural for flavors only mother nature could provide.
  • Gluten Free: Teriacha Sauce is gluten free, perfect for friends and family members with dietary concerns.
  • Great for Any Use: Teriacha is the perfect addition to any marinade, glaze or dipping sauce, and taste great in bloody marys!
  • Try our other Flavors: Try our complete line of Teriacha sauces to find the flavor that works for you, including: Original, Chipotle and Southwest.

Teriacha Sweet and Spicy Chipotle Sauce is the ultimate mix of amazing sweet and spicy flavors, with an added touch of spice from south of the border.  The inspiration for this delectable sauce comes from two classic flavors: the sweet and salty notes of Teriyaki and the prickly heat of Sriracha, for a unique and new twist that is sure to have you coming back for more.

We added Chipotle peppers to the mix for an added spice boost that will have your mouth watering for a swim in the Rio. This great tasting sauce features a mix of all-natural ingredients that are gluten free, perfect for any guest, friend or family member with dietary concerns so that they may share in the flavor explosion.

Teriacha has a range of uses that will have you experimenting for hours to come, such as, meat marinade, stir fry sauce, chicken wings glaze, digging sauce or an added kick to your bloody mary! The easy squeeze bottle ensures you get every last savory drop. Take an adventure to warmer climates; reach for a bottle of Teriacha Chipotle Sauce and treat your taste buds.

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